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JERRY-II+ BlueTooth Pulse Oximeter
JERRY-II+ BlueTooth Pulse Oximeter

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JERRY-II+ Handheld Color Display Pulse Oximeter
Three Parameters:SPO2、TEMP and Pulse Rate
Waveforms: Waveform: SPO2 waveform-PLETH
***Monitoring SPO2, TEMP, PR & PLETH
***2.8 inch color TFT LCD in real time display, displayable in big font and big screen
***BlueTooth wireless is very convenient to realize reviewing the measurements in big screen via connecting PC and to upload history data to PC for review, printing or storage
***Unique software for telemonitoring by transmitting data synchronously via internet
***Long time monitoring and sleeping monitoring
***Storage/Review trend data up to 3888 groups, data save time interval settable
***Audio and visual alarm when parameters exceeded and sensor-off
***Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 15-hour running time
***Battery capacity indicator. Automatic shutdown for power saving
** Standard Mobile Phone Software for free
The oximeter could be applied in the hospital’s operation room, ICU, clinic section office, Out-patient department, sickroom and emergency treatment.